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Eastside/er - network tv pilot


Eastside/ER is a medical drama designed for broadcast television. It features the hallmarks of a medical procedural while also broaching difficult ethical and moral dilemmas in the medical community. Does the Hippocratic Oath end at the doors of the hospital? If a person’s life is in danger is it ethical to attempt a life-saving surgery even if it means operating outside the bounds of the medical system? These are the types of difficult questions and choices at the heart of Eastside/ER. The backdrop of the story is the east side of Los Angeles - a community that is often-overlooked yet arguably the most in need of quality medical care. The prospect of surgery is already stressful enough without having to worry that the procedure will either bankrupt you or result in deportation. Our heroine, Alma Villalobos, must navigate this moral tight-rope while raising her teenage son and caring for her elderly, widowed mother. Alma’s solution to the health crisis? Turning a storage unit on her apartment’s property into a makeshift surgery clinic.

Mule - Feature


Genetic editing is the next giant leap for mankind. It will start as a clever way to eradicate hereditary diseases, but where will it end? If we can edit the genetic code of our unborn children to make them healthier then what else can we do? Can we create a more perfect human? You know we’ll try. But whose definition of ‘perfect’ will we be using? ‘Mule’ is the story of a couple trying to navigate one of the most challenging decisions of any marriage - should we make a child? But, in a world where procreation has become a product, that question has never been more difficult to answer. To complicate matters, our couple discovers that they might not be as compatible as they once thought.

American Blood: Astoria - Premium Cable Pilot

American Blood: Astoria

The history of America is written in blood. Yet we often misperceive history as a skeleton: dry, dead, and decomposing. ‘American Blood’ attempts to reanimate history by telling some of the most extraordinary, lesser-known tales from our country’s violent past. Each season of ‘American Blood” is a self-contained story. Season one follows John Jacob Astor, America’s first multi-millionaire, as he tries to create the first uninterrupted global trade network. But his hubris, greed, and pride derail his plans in a truly astounding fashion. Astoria, the city that was to be the crown jewel of his trade empire, becomes as elusive as the lost city of Atlantis.

Strays - Short Film


Pushed to the edges of society, an aging couple eeks out a meager existence beneath a freeway overpass. Their unorthodox lifestyle raises questions about their heritage and their true intentions.

Skirling Witches & The Forge Of Aether - Feature

Skirling Witches & THe Forge Of Aether

Scotland. 1601. It is the height of witchcraft hysteria. A plague ravages the city of Skirling. Civil unrest is building toward an uprising. The Earl of Skirling uses witches as a scapegoat for the city’s disease and despair – as well as his inability to conceive an heir with his wife. A young nurse is determined to find a cure to the plague. But in doing so she will be forced to confront the darkness of her own ancestry. In the vein of Pirates of the Caribbean, Skirling Witches establishes a darkly-realistic world imbued with colorful characters and magical circumstances.